Camp Registration, Scholarship and Staff

Camp Registration is limited to:

100 Student Vocalists

16 Instrumentalists (4 per instrument)

4 Sound Technicians

No limit for educators 


Scholarships are available but the application must be complete by July 12th!!  Compete the form here and be sure to include files of a letter of recommendation as well as a simple video or audio recording.

Camp Staff

Our camp directors and special guest clinicians are experienced educators at both the college and high school levels, with years of experience performing and teaching jazz.  Student and educator campers will receive specialized individual instruction from staff.

2021 Camp Staff

Kirk Marcy, Edmonds Community College, Choral Clinician,  Educator Clinician, Jazz Piano Coach

Seth McMullen, Eagle High School,  Camp Co-Director, Choral Clinician,  Educator Clinician

Quinn Van Paepeghem, Northwest Nazarene University, Choral Clinician,  Educator Clinician

Shirley Van Paepeghem, North Star Charter School, Choral Clinician,  Educator Clinician

Farayi Malek,  Allegro Virtual Preparatory Instruction, Vocal Coach

Camden Hughes, Idaho Arts Charter School, NNU, Piano Coach

David Gluck, Idaho Arts Charter School, NNU, Drums/percussion Coach

Steve Prager, Guitar Coach

Jay Multanen, Bass Coach

Samantha Herron, Sound Tech Coach